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Build a high-performance management team to achieve outstanding results through a comprehensive, in-depth and practical training program



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Skills Bridge approach in
Leadership Skills Training

Skills Bridge provides the optimal comprehensive solution by focusing on building a solid thinking foundation, combined with practical, highly applicable skills designed specifically for each individual's needs. enterprise. Skills Bridge not only provides knowledge, but also accompanies students in practice and application, helping to achieve sustainable success.


The process of building a training program closely follows the actual situation of the business


First, we combine surveys and in-person interviews to understand the challenges your team or organization is facing.

Data collection:

We analyze learners' challenges and needs based on the results of the 360-degree survey we conducted


We provide detailed training programs designed and tailored to the actual situation at your business


A team of experienced lecturers guides, shares and answers students' difficulties


Our commitment does not stop at training, but continues to monitor, evaluate effectiveness and ensure students successfully apply the skills they have learned.

Provides comprehensive training topics for organizational growth*

Leadership of stature

Managing change

Coaching and feedback skills

Finance for managers

Lead from within

Awake leadership

Manage OKR/KPI goals

Strategic planning

Wellbeing leadership

Efficient team

Delegation: right time, right person, right way

Efficiently communicate

High performance team

Negotiation skills

Persuasive presentation

Build a personal brand

Presentation skills for B2B Sales team

Problem solving & decision making

Project management skills

Transform sales performance

Recruitment skills for management level

Culture of collaboration & innovation

Business innovation /

Internal start-up

Cultural intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Growth mindset

Lean management

Lean startup

Nonviolent communication

Train the trainer

Culture of collaboration & innovation

Amoeba management system

Excellent enterprise following the Shingo model

*Other training topics are provided upon business request


Skills Bridge Instructor

Each Skills Bridge instructor is an expert in their field, with at least 15 years of practical experience in the field and at least 5 years of training experience. This combination ensures that our instructors bring expert knowledge and practical insights to each training program they lead. With their wealth of experience, our instructors are committed to providing highly effective and far-reaching training, designed to meet the diverse needs of each member of our team. Friend.

Practical experience


Each instructor brings in-depth professional knowledge, creating a solid foundation to support learners in achieving their goals.

Training experience


Instructors demonstrate their skills in conveying knowledge, helping students absorb it effectively and apply it successfully in practice

NPS index


Training effectiveness is expressed through the NPS index, which reflects the level of satisfaction and effectiveness the training program brings to learners.

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